Job Listings for Inquiring Students and Alumni

The Career Services Office uses the online job posting service -- College Central Network. All new positions are entered on the CCN site. Students and alumni can access and register at to view job postings from employers and to upload a resume for employers to view. Positions are removed from board upon notification from the employer that they have been filled. 

Career services assistance is offered to all students and alumni of the college. The service is designed to assist in the quest for part-time and full-time employment. Jobs will be removed upon notification of the employer they have hired. 

The office's services are especially important to graduates seeking full or part-time employment and students seeking part-time employment. It is the graduate's/student's responsibility to check the job web site and make all inquiries to the career services personnel. Graduates must provide a resume which will be maintained by the Career Services Office for faxing purposes. Graduating students are encouraged to register during the first semester of the year they intend to graduate.

Specific assistance most commonly provided by this office: