Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
There is more than one way to apply. Click here for your options.

When can I come in to register for my classes?
Registration dates are posted on the college calendar.

Current Students should meet with their assigned advisor to discuss courses to schedule and may then register online via self service or by filling out a Schedule Request form, having it signed by their advisor and submitting it to student records.

If you are a new student wishing to enroll at Eastern Gateway you will need to complete the Admissions process prior to meeting with an academic advisor to be registered for courses. Visit the Admissions Checklist for details.

When is the last day to register?
You can register all the way up until the day classes start though we do not recommend this because classes fill up quickly.

When is a certain class offered?
Check schedule here.

What is the web site to file my FAFSA? 

What is a FAFSA PIN Number?
Your PIN is used as your signature when filing your FAFSA online. Obtain your PIN number at Get your PIN before filing your form!

Why am I being charged out-of-state rates when I'm a Jefferson County resident?
To obtain information on your residency status, contact Donalyn Sutton in Student Records at extension 1674.

I have questions about the Heartland ECSI payment plan?
Questions about the Heartland ECSI Tuition Payment Plan may be asked by calling ECSI at 1-866-927-1438 or the Business Office at extension 1625. 

Can I make payments on my tuition?
Yes.  Eastern Gateway has chosen Hearltand ECSI exclusively to administer a payment plan program for students enrolled in credit courses. Visit or call the cashier at extension 1625 for details. You can also go to for more information. 

I have a question about my Horizon Grant eligibility?
Contact Kelly Wilson in Financial Aid at extension 1635.

Why do I owe a balance....I withdrew from my classes?
You must still pay tuition costs for any class from which you withdrew. If you think this is an error (for instance it should have been a drop), contact student records to inquire.

Why isn't my grant on my account?
If it is the last 2 weeks of registration: Account updates occur daily so follow up with Financial Aid to make sure your file is complete.
If it is before the last 2 weeks of registration: Account updates occur once or twice a week, if your Financial Aid file is complete, be patient and check your account for updates again in a couple of days.

When is the last day to drop?
For a regular semester class which lasts the whole semester a student has the first 14 calendar days to drop the course for a full refund.

For flex classes that are shorter in length, refer to the college catalog for the refund schedule.

I got a letter that my account has been turned over to the Ohio Attorney General (AG).
Once your account is turned over to the AG, you must deal with that office directly. You can contact the AG by calling toll free 888.665.5440.

Whom do I contact about my online class?
You may contact Patty DiGiacobbe ( for questions about your online class account.

How do I access my student email?
Each student of Eastern Gateway is given a student email account provided by Google. A letter will be mailed to you explaining how to set up your accounts. If you have already set up your email account and are having trouble logging in you will need to contact Technology Services at 800.682.6553 x1726 or x1724.

What else can I do with my google account?
The Google Help Center has tutorial videos of key features, Google Apps, frequently asked questions updated daily by product experts, user interface screenshots, active discussion groups, and more.

What are Google Apps?
They are easy-to-use tools that allow you to communicate via email, instant messaging, and voice calls. Access it all from one place - the Start Page.

Why are we using Google Apps?
Our goal is to offer you a reliable, practical, secure, feature-rich webmail environment. We think Google can help. We can focus on student needs and on the core values of our school, such as student relationships, and add value to the experience while Google focuses on building products, maintaining the feature set, and innovating communication options for tomorrow.

What options do I have for accessing email?
You can access your email through the Eastern Gateway website and your mobile device. To learn more about your options check out the Eastern Gateway Google User Guide.

What do I need to know about Google documents and spreadsheets?
It's a web-based word processing and spreadsheet application. It can help you collaborate on projects from anywhere. Your documents are stored online. You and anyone you invite to collaborate can access the document from any internet-connected computer, and make changes simultaneously. Multiple people can make changes at once, and everyone's changes show in real-time. You can get started right away by creating a new document or by uploading a file from your computer. Since the products are integrated, you can use your email account Contacts list to invite people to view or edit your documents.