Student Clubs

The formation of student groups on campus is encouraged, provided these groups serve a positive function and do not duplicate the functions of the Student Senate or other groups.

To receive official sanction, a club must have approval of its activities by the executive vice president for academic and student affairs and be chartered by the Student Senate. Information about the procedures for starting clubs is available from the executive vice president for academic and student affairs.

Clubs may sponsor major social activities, special engagements, and, in some instances, provide financial aid through scholarships. Requests for use of college facilities by clubs and organizations should be directed to the student group coordinator on the Jefferson County Campus.

Student Advisory Committee 
The Student Advisory Committee is another formal channel for student participation in institutional policy determination. The function of this group is to provide the college with feedback through meetings with the college president or vice presidents. This committee consists of the members of the Student Senate Executive Committee.

Student Senate 
The Student Senate's major purpose is to assist the college in the development and operation of student nonacademic activities and to provide student input to the administration. This is a central body through which all student organizations are coordinated. Clubs and other student groups on the Jefferson County Campus must be chartered by the Student Senate.

Student Senate officers are elected. The Student Senate is composed of eligible representatives from the various curricular divisions plus some delegates at large. The constitution and information about the Student Senate are available from the coordinator of student groups who is the advisor to the Student Senate.

Dental Assisting Student Organization 
The Student Dental Assisting Organization is open to those students enrolled in the Dental Assisting certificate program. The purpose of this group is to provide the student with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and self confidence, while promoting service learning. Members are invited to participate in Student American Dental Assistants Association (SADAA).

IT Club 
The IT Club at Eastern Gateway Community College is comprised of students interested in computer technology. Group members participate in service learning by consulting, diagnosing, building and repairing computers for students, faculty, staff, and the general public free of charge. This hands-on approach allows students to increase their knowledge of computer systems, operating systems, hardware, applications, and computer repair as well as customer service. Activities include meetings, industry field trips, and an annual Computer Clinic.

Phi Theta Kappa 
Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society, the purpose of which is to promote scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service among qualified students. To join, a full- or part-time student must maintain a GPA of 3.55 or higher and accumulate at least 12 credit hours toward transfer or an associate degree. Membership is by invitation only and is open to both men and women. The Alpha Omicron Nu Chapter was chartered in 1989.

Intramural and Club Programs/Student Activities 
Interested students at Eastern Gateway Community College conduct informal programs of athletic competition in softball, basketball, flag football, soccer, and golf on the Jefferson County Campus. During the year, cultural, recreational, family and public interest activities also are offered. Suggestions for intramural programs should be directed to the Student Senate. Student teams take part in intercollegiate tournaments in Ohio.