Transient Students

We welcome students from other institutions to earn credit with Eastern Gateway to transfer toward a degree at their home school! In order to become a Transient student with us simply follow the steps below.

  • Meet with your advisor, counselor, or other appropriate person at your college or university to determine the proper course work at EGCC and to ensure transferability for your degree requirements.
  • Select the course(s) you want to take from the EGCC class schedule
  • Complete the EGCC Application for Admission if you have never taken an EGCC credit class before.
  • Obtain transient student permission from your college or university. This is a formal authorization to enroll in another college and is verification that your home school accepts successfully completed course work. This permission is usually in a standard form or letter from an advisor or counselor.

                Mail, fax or bring the completed form to:

                Eastern Gateway Community College
                Admissions Office
                4000 Sunset Boulevard
                Steubenville, OH 43952

  • You will be contacted by EGCC to register once we receive and process the Transient Form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must request your EGCC official transcript be sent to your home institution after the course is completed.

If you have questions, please contact the Admissions Office at 740.264.5591 x1993.