Vehicle and Parking Regulations


 Procedures for Obtaining your Parking Permit(s):
  Main Campus (Jefferson County)  
  Valley Center (Youngstown) & Warren Center (Warren)

The following regulations, which may be amended without notice, govern the driving and parking of motor vehicles on the property of Eastern Gateway Community College. Motor vehicles are defined as automobiles, trucks,
motorcycles, motor scooters, motor bikes, and any other motor-powered vehicle operating on land, excluding snowmobiles and ATVs, which are not permitted on campus.


1. The speed limit for motor vehicles on campus property is 15 miles per hour.

2. Pedestrians have the right-of-way. Drive slowly and respect the rights of others.

3. Motor Vehicles must be operated on the street designed for normal automobile use.


1. All students and employees at Eastern Gateway Community College must register their motor vehicle(s) each semester, excluding summer sessions, with Security. All vehicles at all times must have a valid parking permit to park               anywhere on campus. There is no parking on college campus where a person may park without a valid parking permit.

2. To obtain a parking permit, all students and employees must present a valid driver’s license and copy of their state vehicle registration.

3. Parking permits must be affixed to the driver’s rear view mirror. Improper placement, including the use of tape, is considered a violation and is subject to citation.

4. The responsibility for finding a legal parking place rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for violation.

5. Parking is prohibited in all loading and service docks and zones, and entrances to the buildings.

6. Parking is prohibited in fire lanes and at all yellow painted areas (i.e. curbs and walkways).

7. Parking is prohibited on grass plots, construction areas or any other place that will mar the landscaping of the campus, inconvenience or endanger anyone, create a hazard or interfere with the use of College facilities by others.

8. All vehicles must be parked within the white lines of blacktop lots. Straddling a white line or parking in the center of any lot is prohibited.

9. The registered owner shall be responsible for all violations, even when another is driving the vehicle.

10. Only vehicles with a valid handicap authorization may park in handicap designated spaces. Unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

11. Overnight parking is not permitted without prior approval from Security.

12. A parking permit may not be used for more than one vehicle. Each vehicle must be registered separately.

13. Each person operating a motor vehicle on campus is responsible for knowing and abiding by these regulations. Ignorance of the regulations is no excuse for violation.

14. Eastern Gateway Community College disclaims all responsibility for losses or damage to vehicles operated or parked on the college property, and is not responsible for losses or damage to any vehicle towed from the college property.


1. Improper expression or display (i.e. abusive language, uncontrolled temper, raised voice, etc.) before, during, or after receiving a citation, an auto-boot, or being towed, or while speaking to a Security guard or College official about the citation, will result in disciplinary action.

2. Schedule of Fines:

  • Unauthorized parking in handicap spaces $50.00
  • Parking in a Fire Lane or by a Fire Hydrant $25.00
  • All moving violations: i.e. Speeding, Reckless Driving $25.00
  • Rapid acceleration, or Stop Sign Violation $25.00
  • Parked or driving on grass, sidewalks, or other prohibited areas $25.00
  • Improper Parking (dbl. parking, blocking driveways or other prohibited areas) $25.00
  • Parking in Loading/Service Vehicle Spaces $25.00
  • Removal or Disregard of Barricades $25.00
  • Parking unregistered vehicle $25.00
  • Unauthorized use, reproduction, or transfer of permits $25.00
  • Falsifying request for permit $25.00
  • Immobilization of vehicle (Auto-boot) $25.00
  • Parking permit not properly displayed $10.00
  • Towing and impounding (payable to the tow agency)

3. Payment of fines

Fines received at the Jefferson County Campus are to be paid at the Cashier’s Office located in the Business Wing on the second floor of Main Campus. Fines received at the Valley Center are to be paid to the front desk personnel at the Boardman Building. Fines received at the Warren Center are to be paid to the front desk personnel. As with all outstanding balances: grades, transcripts, or other academic records (including diploma) will be withheld in lieu of any unpaid account. Excessive violations (five or more violations per academic year) may result in additional sanctions, including but not limited to the suspension of college parking privileges.

4. Appeals

Parking citations received at the Jefferson County Campus may be appealed by presenting the citation to the Security Office (located at 2631A: Second floor Business Wing) with a completed ‘Parking Appeal’ form, within (5) regular working days of the citation. Parking citations received at the Valley Center may be appealed by presenting the citation to the front desk personnel located at the Boardman building with a completed ‘Parking Appeal’ form, within (5) regular working days of the citation. Parking citations received at the Warren Center may be appealed by presenting the citation to the front desk personnel with a completed ‘Parking Appeal’ form, within (5) regular working days of the citation. Verbal appeals or excuses are not accepted. The decision of the Parking Appeal Committee is final.


1. Eastern Gateway Community College is a private tow away zone. The towing of cars is authorized by Ohio Revised Code 4511.67-68.

2. Vehicles may be towed for illegal parking as stated in Sections A and B or for excessive citations (5 or more).

3. Towing charges are determined by the towing service and are payable in cash to the towing service at the time of retrieval.

4. In the event the vehicle is auto-booted (immobilized), the driver must contact Security by calling 740-264-5591 ext. 1695 so the device can be removed.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE VEHICLE with the auto-boot in place. If the driver does not contact Security with 12 hours, the vehicle may be towed at the driver’s expense.