Prekindergarten Care and Education (AAS)


The Prekindergarten Care and Education Program is designed to provide the educational background needed for graduates to pursue careers in preschool/childcare centers, and to meet state licensing requirements for an administrator as specified by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Licensing Rules, #5101:2-12-25. The practicum will include placement in an infant/toddler or social service agency.

This option blends the early childhood preschool courses, which stress the care of the child from birth through age 4, with early childhood education courses now required by the state of Ohio. Requirements for entrance into the associate degree program include a records check through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification. Other requirements, as specified by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, must be completed prior to all practicums.

Upon completion of the Prekindergarten Care and Education Program, the graduate will be able to:

• Apply principles of human growth, development and learning to the teaching of young children.
• Plan appropriate learning experiences for individual children and groups of children.
• Develop appropriate educational practices for young children to promote communication skills, and to foster the growth of skills in problem solving, decision making and critical thinking.
• Recognize individual needs and use appropriate teaching strategies to address children’s differences in developmental levels, ethnic backgrounds and learning styles.
• Use effective communication skills with children, families and coworkers.
• Recognize emergencies and provide appropriate first aid and CPR.
• Assist in designing an environment for child guidance, including daily program structure, to create and sustain a positive learning environment for children.
• Prevent, recognize and manage communicable diseases including the protection of child care staff members.
• Assist in initiating assistance for recognized child abuse and neglect.
• Meet the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services requirements for child daycare providers. 

Prekindergarten Care and Education Course Grid (AAS)

Prekindergarten Care and Education Course Grid (Certificate)