Mechanical (AAS)


The Mechanical Engineering Technology Program has a heavy emphasis on automated manufacturing, computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, and flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). 

At the completion of the program, graduates will be engaged in designing, manufacturing, testing and developing, inspecting, operating, troubleshooting, and maintaining mechanical equipment and systems. The mechanical engineering technician can be called upon to develop and modify engineering drawings. The graduate will apply the principles of strength of materials, testing and inspecting of components in various stages of manufacturing, testing and calibrating of measuring instruments, determining material specifications, preparing lists of materials and determining cost requirements to satisfy company, government or other contract requirements. The skills acquired through this program also will enable the graduates to perform other tasks in various fields of engineering.

 Upon successful completion of the degree in mechanical engineering, the graduate will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of manufacturing processes on different machines, tools and materials by operating a variety of manual and/or CNC (Lathe & Milling) machines.
  • Demonstrate proper use of drafting tools and AutoCAD to produce finished engineering drawings.
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of hydraulic and pneumatic concepts, components and systems used in the manufacturing environment and in manufactured products.
  • Apply concepts of statics to analyze and compute the forces on and in structures that are at rest or moving with uniform velocity.
  • Apply principles of strength and performance of materials to select and design structural components and systems.


 Students who successfully complete the mechanical major may continue their studies toward a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering Technology and/or Industrial Technology at various universities. Further information regarding any of these opportunities is available through the office of the dean or transfer coordinator.

Mechanical Course Grid (AAS)