Medical Machine Transcription Certificate


The Medical Machine Transcription certificate program prepares students to become transcription professionals. The curriculum emphasizes familiarity with the terminology of the medical profession, basic medical office procedures, and basic and advanced transcribing techniques. Graduates may work in a variety of settings, including physicians’ offices, hospitals and other medical facilities.

Medical Machine Transcriptionists perform a variety reporting functions in medical offices including developing dictated reports in printed or electronic form for physician’s review, corrections and for inclusion in patients’ medical records. They review and edit transcribed reports or dictated material for spelling, grammar, clarity, consistency and proper medical terminology. Medical Machine Transcriptionists work with a wide variety of medical reports including patient histories, physical examinations, emergency room visits, operations records, chart review, consultations, or discharge summaries. In order to perform this position well, Medical Machine Transcriptionists must understand medical terms and know where to locate information in dictionaries, drug references, and other source references on anatomy, physiology, and general medicine. 

Upon successful completion, the graduate will be able to: 

  • Keyboard accurately at a minimum of 45 words per minute.
  • Apply, pronounce and spell medical terms accurately, including various medical areas of specialization and terminology for diagnostic procedures, surgical procedures, and common prescription drugs.
  • Transcribe a variety of medical documents accurately and effectively using a transcribing machine.
  • Maintain manual and electronic records control systems, including scheduling of patients and completing various insurance forms.
Medical Machine Transcription (Certificate) Course Grid
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