Gateway Grant

Gateway Grant

Eastern Gateway Community College offers a tuition grant program for residents of Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull Counties to help in their pursuit of higher education. Grants for the 2015-2016 academic year will be awarded to high school seniors applying to the college from state-chartered, public, and private high schools, and approved home school programs.

To apply, call 330.480.0726 Press 1

The high school graduate must be a Columbiana, Mahoning or Trumbull County resident and have a cumulative final high school grade point average of 2.5 or better. Also, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must also be completed, and all federal grant financial aid (Pell, FSEOG) used before the Gateway Grant will be applied. The grant will cover tuition charges (instructional, general and surcharge fees) for credit courses for four successive semesters of attendance, provided the student enrolls full time starting with the fall immediately after high school graduation. Students wishing to enroll in the summer term immediately upon high school graduation will be eligible for the Gateway Grant as long as the student registers full time (12 credit hours or more). Those enrolling in the summer term will have this term considered one of the four terms of eligibility. It is imperative that students make arrangements for their final high school transcript to be mailed to Eastern Gateway prior to the start of the summer term in order to determine their eligibility. The grant does not cover books, supplies, lab/materials or technology fees.

Students must apply for and use, if eligible, all federal financial aid sources before this grant will be applied. If financial aid covers all tuition costs, the Gateway Grant will be not awarded.

Students receiving the Gateway Grant are subject to the same Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) as financial aid recipients. Refer to SAP in the financial aid section of the catalog. Once a student has the Gateway Grant suspended, it cannot be appealed.