Upward Bound TRIO

Eastern Gateway’s Upward Bound program, a federally-funded TRIO program, is designed to provide low income, potential first generation college students in grades 9-12 with the skills and motivation they need in order to pursue post-secondary education. Eastern Gateway’s program is one of more than 900 Upward Bound programs nationwide. 

Upward Bound participants receive a variety of services designed to help them prepare for college. These are provided at participants’ schools and on the Eastern Gateway campus. Some of these services include: tutoring, academic and personal counseling, career exploration and planning, social and cultural experiences, numerous field trips and college tours, ACT/SAT test preparation and fee waivers, college application fee waivers and help, financial aid application help, and academic workshops. 

All of Upward Bound’s services and activities are free of charge to eligible students. Students in grades 9 and 10 can apply for admission to the program and participate until they graduate from high school. Students who attend activities regularly and actively participate also receive a stipend check of up to $40 per month during the school year and up to $60 per month during the summer.

How Upward Bound Works

Upward Bound, hosted by Eastern Gateway Community College and based on the Jefferson County Campus in Steubenville, works with four target school districts – Buckeye Local, Edison Local, Indian Creek, and Steubenville – as well as other partners to provide academic and cultural activities and academic enrichment for its students. 

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