Annual Security Report

Eastern Gateway uses SNAP (Student Notification Alert Program) to notify students, faculty and staff of any campus emergency. Upon confirmation of an incident on campus or in the immediate campus area, an emergency notification will be sent via SNAP without delay. This notification will be sent using voice message on cell phone or land line, text message, and/or email message. An annual test notification will be sent via SNAP.

In case of an emergency, contact the security guard on duty; Sherri VanTassel, Vice President of Administrative Services, or any college administrator. In the event of a critical situation, contact the first available college employee who will in turn notify the appropriate person.

The Annual Security Report will be published by October 1 each year. Notification of the availability of the report will be published via college email for faculty and staff.

Use this link for these listings:
Campus Security
Emergency Alarms
Sexual Harassment Policy
Sex Offender Notification