Class Schedule

Students will check the online Self-Service for the most up-to-date schedule.

Eastern Gateway introduces new section numbers beginning with summer 2014 classes. The section numbers will help you determine what type of course delivery is being used and when the course meets.

What Do The Section Numbers Mean?

  • 01—99 Regularly Scheduled Day and Evening Classes—On campus in classroom
  • 100—199 Online Courses— All content is delivered online and scheduled for a regular term.
  • 200—299 Blended/Hybrid Day and Evening Courses—A course that blends online and on-ground delivery; substantial content is available online and there is a reduced number of face-to-face meetings.
  • 300—399 Flexibly Scheduled Day and Evening Courses—A course that does not start/stop at the beginning/end of a regular term.
  • 400—499 College Credit Plus (Dual Enrollment)—A form of enrollment that enables a student to earn both high school and college credit for a course during high school.
  • 500—599 8-Week Online Competency-Based Courses—All students must be eligivle for College Englis (ENG101). All content is delivered online.
  • 700—799 8-Week Online Courses—There are no additional prerequisites to enroll in these courses other than what is stated in the catalog.  All content is delivered online.

EXAMPLES: PSY101 01 OR PSY101 200 OR PSY101 500