Incomplete Grade Policy


The grade of “Incomplete” (I) may be given if a student, for reasons beyond his/her control, is unable to complete the work of a course by the end of the enrollment period. Incomplete grades are granted at the sole discretion of the instructor.

In the extraordinary circumstances that an incomplete is considered, a student must demonstrate:

• At least a “C average” in all completed coursework
• Completion of 80 percent of all assigned coursework

To be considered for a grade of “incomplete” (I), the student and instructor of the course in question must complete the Incomplete Status Agreement form. The form specifies the requirements for the completion of the course.

All required course work must be completed within seven (7) business days of the official grade reporting date for the class. After the seven (7) day period, incomplete grades will be assigned a letter grade (A through F) for the completed course work by the instructor.