EGCC Lab Printing Policy

Eastern Gateway Community College
Computer Lab Printing Policy
ONLY for the Jefferson County Campus
Effective May 28, 2012

Eastern Gateway Community College, in an effort to promote a greener environment,  implemented a network print auditing system. (They system currently ONLY operates on the Jefferson County Campus.) The auditing system tracks and maintains printer usage to eliminate the waste of paper, to reduce the cost of printer maintenance, and to reduce the cost of ink and toner incurred by the college for unauthorized, as well as excessive printing. College printing privileges are provided in support of EGCC’s educational mission. The following are some basic guidelines that should be followed.

  1. Printers are for use by currently enrolled students and EGCC employees..
  2. College printers shall not be used for personal or commercial purposes (invitations, signage, bulletins, etc).
  3. Photocopy machines are to be used for producing multiple copies of a document. Photocopying is available to students in the library on the Jefferson County Campus.
  4. Printing or duplication of copyrighted material (instructional manuals, textbooks, journals, etc.) is strictly PROHIBITED based on copyright law.

Each student is provided a printing account with 500 prints at the beginning of each semester.   Black and white printing will be charged as one print ($0.05 per print). Color printing will be charged as three black and white prints ($0.15 per print). Any remainder of the 500 allotted prints for the semester will not be carried over to the next semester.

Staff and faculty will be audited for departmental budgeting purposes but not limited in printing.

When a student exceeds the allotted 500 prints, they may purchase additional credits for printing. 

Students may keep track of their print usage through the print audit client on each student lab computer at Eastern Gateway Community College. When a student logs onto a computer, a pop-up will show on the desktop providing the balance of the student's account for printing. Once a student has reached his/her limit of 500 prints, the student may purchase more credits from the cashier or evening coordinator on the Jefferson County Campus.  Guest accounts will be charged for all printing

Students needing to purchase more prints between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.:
See the cashier on the Jefferson County Campus located in room 2627

Students needing to purchase more prints between 4 to 10 p.m.:
See the evening coordinator on the Jefferson County Campus located in room 2631

Printing Prices:
$5 for 100 B/W Prints (this equals 33 Color Prints)
$10 for 200 B/W Prints (this equals 66 Color Prints)
$15 for 300 B/W Prints (this equals 100 Color Prints)
$20 for 400 B/W Prints (this equals 133 Color Prints)
$25 for 500 B/W Prints (this equals 166 Color Prints)

Non EGCC Students Using Jefferson County Campus Library:

Non-students or non-employees of EGCC, who are provided a guest log-in to access the computers in the library, are required to pay for all printing. When a guest  account prints, a pop-up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen will display a message saying:

“ATTENTION!!! Your document has been held in a queue. You must pay to print this job. Please see the cashier or the evening coordinator to add money to your account. Please present receipt to front counter of  library to release the job for printing.” 

Guest users will need to see the cashier or evening coordinator to pay for their prints. Once the guest has paid for the prints, the guest will provide the receipt to the front counter in the library and the print job will released to the printer.

Guest Printing Prices:
$0.10 per page for black and white
$0.30 per page for color

NOTE: Guest accounts for student testing will not be charged a print fee.

Print Refunds:
Once a print job has been sent to the printer it cannot be stopped. Students need to verify the number of pages and content on the pages before sending the print job to the printer. If for some reason there is a technical problem with a print job, for example a paper jam or if the print job is not properly printed, the student can request a refund of the print credits to his/her account. The student must either submit a support ticket using the Technology Services Help portal or e-mail The student can also see a representative from the Department of Technology Services located in 2018 at the Jefferson County Campus to process a refund. 

EGCC Lab Printing Policy