How to Create a Self-Service Account

  1. Go to and under Current Students select Self-Service.
  2. On the Self-Service homepage click on Request Account.
  3. Next you will be ask to fill out the information on the Request an Account page. The System I.D. is the 9 digit number that is assigned to you by the college. (The dashes are not required.) The System I.D. is your Student I.D. Number and can be found on your billing statement and/or your acceptance letter from the college. In the Date of Birth field you must place the forward slashes between the month, date and year ex. ##/##/19##.  When you are finished entering the information click on the Request Account button located below the Date of Birth field.
  4. If you have filled out the information correctly, you will see a message telling you that your account has been created. YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION WILL BE E-MAILED TO YOUR EGCC STUDENT E-MAIL ACCOUNT!

Click here for a manual with visual aids