ed2go's instructor-facilitated online courses are affordable, fun, convenient, and geared just for you.

You can complete any of these courses from the comfort of your home or office at the times most convenient for you. 

ed2go courses are project-oriented and include lessons, quizzes, hands-on assignments, lively discussions with the instructor and other students, supplementary links, and more. You can ask questions and give or receive advice at any time during the course.

Courses begin monthly, run for six weeks (with a 10-day grace period at the end) and are composed of 12 lessons, representing 24 hours of instruction.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to download a Certificate of Completion from ed2go.

Please note: ed2go classes are non-credit learning opportunities and are not eligible for financial aid. Also, there is no senior discount for ed2go classes.

Courses available in:


Visit our online instruction center www.ed2go.com/egcc for a complete list of classes and start dates.


All courses require Internet access, email, and Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. Some courses may have additional requirements. Visit www.ed2go.com/egcc for more information.

How to Get Started:

1. Visit our Online Instruction Center: www.ed2go.com/egcc

2. Click the Courses link, choose the department and course title you are interested in and select the Enroll Now button. Follow the instructions to enroll and pay for your course. Here you will enter your e-mail and choose a password that will grant you access to the Classroom.

3. When your course starts, return to www.ed2go.com/egcc and click the Classroom link. To begin your studies, simply log in with your e-mail and the password you selected during enrollment.

For More Information:

Visit www.ed2go.com/egcc or call us at 740-264-5591, ext. 1910.