Ohio Gov. John Kasich released his 2016 Mid-Biennium Review on Tuesday, outlining new initiatives to reduce the cost of a college degree.

Eastern Gateway Community College President Jimmie Bruce said he fully supports the governor’s plan to make college more affordable. Bruce said lowering the cost of a higher education will help more people advance their education and, in turn, strengthen the state’s workforce.

“The reforms Governor Kasich proposed will help Ohioans earn a degree from the college or university of their choice and save them money. This is especially important for parents and working adults who want to further their careers,” Bruce said.

The governor’s proposal describes the important role community colleges play in the college affordability debate.

In response to Kasich’s proposal, Jack Hershey, president and CEO of the Ohio Association of Community Colleges, said, “During his time as governor, John Kasich has repeatedly asked community college and university presidents to work together on reforms that are in the best interest of Ohio’s students, parents, and working adults that are pursuing a college degree. These reforms proposed today shine the light on a pathway that has emerged under Governor Kasich that allows students to obtain a degree from their favorite university, while saving up to 80 percent off the traditional cost of attendance by completing as much of their coursework as possible at a community college. The ability for middle class families, single parents, and working adults to obtain a debt-free college degree is once again a reality in Ohio.”

The governor’s 2016 Mid-Biennium Review includes plans for: Strengthening paths to a low-cost degree, helping universities drive down their costs, addressing student debt, and offering low-tuition opportunities through the Midwest Student Exchange Program. More information about the 2016 Mid-Biennium Review can be found on the Fact Sheet.

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