TRIO SSS (Student Support Services)

The TRIO SSS is currently providing services to students virtually. The staff is available via phone, email, and zoom. If you are not currently a TRIO SSS participant, please apply online. Apply Now

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TRIO Student Support Services is a federally-funded grant program designed to help first-generation college, income eligible, or students with a documented disability progress toward graduation. TRIO SSS provides opportunities for academic development, assistance with college requirements and the motivation and support needed to complete a college degree! TRIO SSS has been at EGCC since 2005 supporting students and hundreds of them have gone on to 4-year institutions and/or graduated with Associate Degrees.

Our Mission

TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS) is committed to the successful completion of a degree or certificate program, and/or transfer to a 4-year college or university for all of its students by providing quality experiences, services and support of eligible underrepresented populations.


Our Vision

To improve financial literacy and academic performance
To increase retention and graduation rates
To provide leadership opportunities and access to a variety of experiences
To support personal well-being